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Fuel treaments by Aderco

Aderco fuel treatments are available for light & heavy fuels. Light fuels are typically distillate fuels and include gasoil, diesel, benzine, petrol, heating oil & kerosene. Heavy fuels are typically residual fuels with viscosity 380cst or 180cst. Aderco's latest generation fuel treatments deliver the following benefits:
  • Solvent-free
  • Metal-free
  • Ashless
  • Classified as Non Hazardous – no transport restrictions
  • Insensitive to overdosing
  • 100% vegetal-organic
  Although still in use, 1st and 2nd generation fuel additives cannot adequately meet today’s tough operational challenges and environmental standards. The latest Aderco fuel treatment solutions not only address these issues, but also have the highest treat rates and require no dosing/mixing systems. Aderco products can be added directly to the fuel in the storage tank and their beneficial are noticeable before, during, and after combustion: Before combustion Aderco breaks up and disperses impurities. Contaminating water is separated from the fuel. Sludge formation is prevented and any pre-existing sludge in the bottom of the tank is broken down, releasing valuable fuel. Fuel tanks are cleaner and protected against corrosion. Stratification between different batches of fuel does not occur - the fuel is homogenised.   Fuel treated with Aderco flows more freely and filters remain cleaner for longer, meaning reduced servicing and replacement costs, together with greater reliability. During combustion Contaminants in fuel are dispersed and therefore burnt more efficiently. Aderco fuel treatments produce a much finer mist of fuel – the droplets are smaller and greater in number, giving improved combustion. Contamination of the lubricating oil is reduced and the lubricating properties of the fuel are increased. Aderco fuel treatments are 100% organic and do not leave any traces of metal or ash.   Incomplete combustion results in residues and deposits on the injector nozzles, pistons and cylinders. This reduces performance and increases wear. Engines treated with Aderco are cleaner, use less fuel, require less maintenance and are more reliable. After combustion Incomplete combustion is a major factor in pollution. Engines treated with Aderco have noticeably cleaner exhaust systems.   Aderco fuel treatments reduce pollutants such as carbon monoxide & smoke. They also makes starting easier and idling smoother.   In diesel engines, Aderco fuel treatments result in a significant reduction in small particle emissions.